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Looking for people to play? Join us.

We are a polish community of players, a place where you can find companions to play with, talk to and find help if you need it. We are constantly developing and improving our website and Discord server. We keep up with the trends and add new features to make it easier for people to play and make new friends.

Join to 3625 users

Our priority is the players.

Grand Theft Auto V

You can find people to play any game, any type. And in case there are no people to play your game, you can wait for someone to show up, invite someone, or encourage our members to play whatever you want.

What makes us unique?

Counter Strike

We have our own Discord bot, which includes a friendly and easy to use player panel where you can, among other things, assign yourself a role on the Discord server.

Activity and involvement in our community is rewarded. Work with us to create a great place for players. Together we will achieve our goal. You can check out the ranking on our site and also share a link to your profile.

League of Legends

You have the opportunity to win the game, completely free of charge. You only need to be active on the Discord server and follow the draws.


riczio2 avatar
He started our business and does his best to keep things running. Two-dimensional game fanatic.
ytu12 avatar
A chosen one, who with his dedication and loyalty earned himself the title of co-owner.
astrall avatar
A creative person, gifted with imagination. He always tries to talk and engage at any events of the whole group. The friend of the lost sheep.
she1lob avatar
A website and bot developer, a young who aims high and is constantly working on something new.
janalay avatar
Black character with whom there is no joke, his specific approach to things was appreciated by the owners.